How To Become A Certified Pilates Instructor

Want to become a Pilates instructor? The only instructor training that Pilates Fit Perth recommends is the courses run via Breathe Education this is Science-based training.

You’ll learn Pilates methodology grounded in current research, whilst honouring Joseph’s vision that all people deserve to move freely and with pleasure. The qualification will give you the starting point of an undoubtedly amazing Pilates career. Pilates Fit Perth also provide mentorship to new people entering the industry, When doing a Breathe course you will need to find a studio that offers placement hours, we will accept Breathe educated students at our studios. Your Breathe Education Pilates qualifications are recognised by the Australian Government, the Pilates Alliance of Australasia, Exercise & Sport Science Australia and all major insurers.You can find more details on breathe courses here:

Want to become a Boxilates Instructor? We are the Perth Host studio for Boxilates teacher training. Boxilates is the perfect fusion of cardio, strength and mind-body connection! BOXILATES™ ramps up the traditional Pilates class with the pace and co-ordination of fitness boxing. Using boxing pads and gloves, you’ll combine short boxing drills and cardio intervals with functional movement and exercise on the Pilates mat. The best part? It’s suitable for all levels and ages! BOXILATES™ appeals to women eager to prove a newfound strength combined with the elegance of Pilates that is refined, yet powerful. It’s also for guys that want to explore the benefits of Pilates, but still get that cardio hit and release. This is a great new fusion based class that will get more people to your sessions, and they keep coming back for more as they get such amazing results. This is a one day intensive course and you can find more details about the next upcoming training days here: