Clinical Pilates in South Perth

What is clinical pilates?

Clinical pilates is a personalised form of pilates, with the main focus to regain the functionality within a joint, muscle or movement pattern. With the ultimate goal to assist in the reduction of pain.

In the initial assessment with one of our Clinically Qualified and very experienced Pilates Practitioners, we will complete a series of muscle testing. This is completed with our specialised equipment, working with you to develop healthier movement patterns.

At Pilates Fit Perth, we offer Evidence based Pilates – in other words, we know the best way to lengthen, and the most effective way to strengthen a muscle. Clinical Pilates at our Pilates studios are particularly beneficial with chronic lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee alignment and pain, postural conditions such as Scoliosis and Kyphosis, Hypermobility as well as recovery after an operation.

Who should do clinical pilates?

Clinical Pilates is suited to anyone with a chronic injury or condition. We work in partnership with your Health Practitioner or GP, and can help you to claim if you have private health insurance that covers wellness. Our Youngest client is 10 years old our oldest is 96 years old, if you fit somewhere in between we can assist. Read more…

Clinical Pilates South Perth

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You Can Get Health Rebates For Clinical Pilates! Find Out How.

Our first introductory session is $90, and can be claimed as a health rebate!

Whether you’re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight…

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They’re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus. And with us, they’re social, too.

Because we offer a studio environment that’s positive, accepting and open — perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

Don’t wait one more day, Pilates Fit Perth is your key to a new, healthier body.