Everyone is invited to visit the latest studio of Pilates Fit Perth in Coogee; meet the owner and instructors; watch live demos with special guests; enjoy light refreshments; sign up for door prizes; and tour the studio. Doors open at 9AM until late on Saturday, 03 Dec 2016.

Pilates Fit Perth was founded in March 2013 with its very first studio in Cockburn Central. With the opening of its second studio in Coogee, the company is committed to value the importance of finding one’s fullest potential focuses in providing evidence-based Pilates teachings.

Owner Chantele Blaize says: “We are delighted to introduce our latest accomplishments to Coogee community. Our goal is to ensure that we contribute in building a healthier community and lifestyle, helping individuals increase flexibility, improve posture, gain more mobility and range of motion, and improve overall quality of life”.

Pilates has transformed lives and that its effects should be experienced by everyone. Regardless of age, gender, fitness level or amount of flexibility – there is a class for YOU.

The PFP Team is committed to innovating products and services that will inspire you to take your practice to the next level towards a more balanced and full life.

We believe in building a community that strives towards finding happiness and the utmost quality of life. Let us enrich your mind, body and spirit.

This event is supported by some of our friends in the industry who are also advocating lifestyle changes and revolutionize wellness in the community. Together, we hope to see you all on Dec 3!

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