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Yoga versus Pilates? Find out what we think.

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Any exercise junkie knows that all cardio or weights and no stretching makes for a very sore, tight body over the years, which may go some way towards explaining the ever-increasing popularity of Yoga and Pilates. It is often stated that Yoga, with its countless offshoots and different styles, such as Hatha, Iyengar, Hot Yoga, Bikram, Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyassa Flow is the most widely practised form of exercise in the world. Yoga which is thousands of years old, originated in India and has countless physical and mental benefits. Pilates, however…

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News Year Resolutions – 5 reasons they don’t normally work!

End of year is nearing us and its time for reflection! What we have achieved, what we haven’t and what we have to transfer to the next year! I often hear the comments “I cant wait for the Year to be over!” and you will see in the tabloids “New Year, New You” headlines everywhere. Keep reading to find out how you can become better equipped to set goals and achieve them and feel successful. Do you set goals and then not achieve them? Do you want to start feeling…

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5 Green Juices that actually taste good

Green juice always sounds good in theory — until you throw it out after three sips because it tastes like lawn. But green juice really can be good if you make it right. Try one of these 5 recipes and you’ll be downing one daily. They are full of yummy nutrients and its a great way to down your vege intake. This is also a great way to treat the kids! 1. Debloating Smoothie 1. A creamy, thick, healthy, all natural smoothie that is made with bananas, strawberries, pineapple and…

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10 Tips to stay healthy this Festive Season

We are trying to encourage health and wellness this year all throughout the year. If you are the type of person that puts on a few extra kilos over Christmas or on any holiday for that matter, Keep reading to find out a few healthy tips on how to stay in shape and common things to avoid! Eat Healthy light snack before you attend functions: So attending festive parties is definitely the Aussie spirit of the holidays. However having heavy foods and lots of alcohol can reap havoc on our…

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What is the hype about Rodan and Fields. Could it work?

We asked LizBeth about skin health – getting the glow and how she has done it! Stanford-Trained Dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have touched the lives of millions with their targeted skincare solutions. I was introduced to Rodan + Fields through my Canadian friend a few months prior to moving back to Australia. Yearning for a new direction after being away for 3 years living in Kazakhstan, I was excited about a new journey and also the opportunity to return to my old roots of teaching Pilates…

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7 Benefits of Pilates for New Mums

Exercising post-birth can be a complex issue, particularly if you’ve had a difficult labour. Many Mums are keen to return to their pre-pregnancy weight too quickly following birth, and all of a sudden being time poor, it is important to select the type of exercise that will give you the best benefits for the time you have. If you’re a new mum and thinking about taking up exercise post-birth, Pilates is a popular choice. Not only will it ease you back into exercise gently, it has proven to be highly…

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Pregnancy Pilates: Why it’s good for you

Are you excited to see the little one? Cant wait to hold that little angel in your arms and play with those tiny little feet? Hold your breath mummies… although it’s all very exciting, your body will go through a lot of changes and that lovely little one will need every room available to grow. Whether you are a first time mum or a veteran in that thing called pregnancy, we all know the other side of the story as well and if not… well flash news: beware of hormonal…

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Myth Busting May! Pilates & Yoga

When we start something new including activities such as Pilates and Yoga we tend to question our ability on how well we are going to go rather then enjoy the journey, accept that you wont know everything or anything about the new activity and that we need to learn what to do and that is essentially why we start. We play this tossing up game of what you need to do to fit something into your life, or talk yourself out of being able to do it as you are…

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8 Ways to reduce stress

After a survey that was released a while ago at my Pilates studio I was really surprised to find the results were very different to what I expected. The main reason people were attending my studios was to relieve stress or assist with depression or anxiety. Wow I had no idea. So I then started to research the best way to help my clients relieve some of this stress and also look at some of the reasons people were so stressed in today’s society. The top 3 Reasons that come…

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