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End of year is nearing us and its time for reflection! What we have achieved, what we haven’t and what we have to transfer to the next year! I often hear the comments “I cant wait for the Year to be over!” and you will see in the tabloids “New Year, New You” headlines everywhere. Keep reading to find out how you can become better equipped to set goals and achieve them and feel successful.

Do you set goals and then not achieve them?

Do you want to start feeling successful at what you want to achieve?

Are you the type of person that has loads of enthusiasm and then loses it?

My first question to you: Are we being manipulated by the media to believe that we have to have everything in our lives completed by the end of each year. And does this make us vulnerable to the never endless mistake of believing we have failed but spend more money each year to become a different or better person.

A Bit on me: I have 2 successful businesses, a young family and have a full busy life. I have accomplished growing my own business from my garage to gorgeous Pilates Studios. We have been inundated with support from the community but I set goals each week, each month and each year of what my business will achieve and we hit them nearly year on year!

So I know the title says 5 reasons New Years resolutions dont work but I want to give you some insight into how we can set goals and achieve! So Yes I tapped into the Psych of never ending tabloids and said you know your going to fail again this year. WHY Bother!

But here is some tips on getting serious about what you want to do in your life but at the same time still having time for yourself.

Here is 5 Tips on Changing your thinking this Year End:

1. Set out with realistic goals – If you are one to make goals for the new year. Let’s set realistic expectations. So is it realistic to profit a million dollars in the first year of your new small business trading? Probably not unless you have lots of money to invest and you have a million dollar contract or 2. Same realistic expectation around weight loss – I often hear I’m going to lose weight and get to my goal weight of 60 kilos as that was what I was when I was 20! Now the person might have 40 kilos to lose so again be realistic in how much you want to lose?

2. Set smaller realistic goals on how your going to get there – if you are wanting that million dollar turn over or the weight loss what are you realistically going to do to achieve it. For example: Weight loss – 1. Seek Nutritionist, 2. Book Initial consult with Nutritionist 3. Seek Pilates Studio that is close and convenient to me. 4. Call and book in and so on and so on.

A lot of people again set goals with no clue on what steps they need to achieve it.

3. Set a time frame that you realistically can achieve it by – With weight loss you might ask your weight loss expert how long would it be before I would get my goal weight being on the new nutritional plan. Or ask your Pilates expert when it would be expected to see a strengthening result!

4. Re-assess your goals by the end of each month – what have you achieved? What do you need to improve upon and how far away are you from the initial goal that you have set?

Are you needing to reschedule or re-align goals based on what you have been successful at so far – so maybe you have lost more weight or less then planned, so reschedule what you should be doing each month to achieve your goals and the time-frames etc so you dont lose site of the end.

5. Celebrate the small wins – We are so used of critiquing ourselves on what we could have done better or didn’t achieve we often forget to celebrate the little wins. Now I use the word “Celebrate loosely – this doesn’t mean you go out and undo all the good you have achieved so far with diet or stop saving money etc. It means sit down have a cuppa looking out over the garden or ocean or park and enjoy the moment. Create the time to acknowledge that you have done it.

If you haven’t hit each goal that you wanted to – look for a smaller win – so let’s say that you didnt hit the goal of losing 20 kilos but you achieved 18 kilos – that is a big deal anyway and a massive win all round! So grab that cuppa put your feet up and say “I lost 18 kilos” I have succeeded at losing so much weight. Or maybe your goal is to start at a new Pilates studio and attend 3 times a week – all the weeks you hit 3 times except one – your would sit and say ” I have joined a Pilates studio, I have attended consistently wow!” – With no but or I should have or could have. attached to that thought process. SIMPLE YET POWERFUL

The Power of setting goals doesnt mean setting you up for failure – their can always be success in every path or every road you take.

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