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10 Tips to stay healthy this Festive Season

We are trying to encourage health and wellness this year all throughout the year. If you are the type of person that puts on a few extra kilos over Christmas or on any holiday for that matter, Keep reading to find out a few healthy tips on how to stay in shape and common things to avoid! Eat Healthy light snack before you attend functions: So attending festive parties is definitely the Aussie spirit of the holidays. However having heavy foods and lots of alcohol can reap havoc on our…

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Local Christmas Present Ideas in Perth

This Christmas we thought we’d do something different and take a closer look at our growing community and how we can look after each other. We have decided that this year, we will be supporting small businesses and we encourage you to do the same. Let the money reach ordinary people and more people will have a better Christmas. Let us support our community, give local this holidays! Here are some ideas: Buy gifts from small businesses Check out the local retailers and businesses around you, supporting them instead of…

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