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PFP Fitness Challenge 2017: Yes I Can!

New Year is all about opportunities for a great new beginning and a fresh start! We at Pilates Fit Perth are intentional in making sure that this 2017 we will be stronger, fitter and better than our 2016 selves. We invite you to take up on the #YesICan challenge with us too! Here’s how: 1. The Fitness Challenge is open to anyone, members and non-members of PFP Community, whoever is ready to say to “Yes I Can” to Pilates Fit Perth Fitness Challenge 2017. 2. Identify which category you belong,…

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Everyone is invited to visit the latest studio of Pilates Fit Perth in Coogee; meet the owner and instructors; watch live demos with special guests; enjoy light refreshments; sign up for door prizes; and tour the studio. Doors open at 9AM until late on Saturday, 03 Dec 2016. Pilates Fit Perth was founded in March 2013 with its very first studio in Cockburn Central. With the opening of its second studio in Coogee, the company is committed to value the importance of finding one’s fullest potential focuses in providing evidence-based…

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Why you need the Beginners Pilates Course?

Whatever your reason is to change; it may be to look good or to feel good and perhaps even both. The 4 weeks of the Beginners Pilates Course is especially designed for general fitness, toning, strength, and flexibility. You will begin to have an understanding of your body, not just what to do, but how to move using the techniques that you learn from your Pilates instructor. We don’t need to sell Pilates its not a new fad or trend that is going to disappear anytime soon. In fact its…

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Top 5 Pilates Classes To Get You Into Shape

Summer is just around the corner! The key to getting your beach body ready is to get started now, not later, not tomorrow. Align your diet and mentality with the exercises you will engage in. For more tips on these, you may check out previous blog posts. The most phenomenal result you can get is when you give yourself six to nine weeks. This is a perfect time to begin with your transformation! Here are Top 5 Pilates Classes offered at Pilates Fit Cockburn Central studio: 1. Pilates Matwork This…

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