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8 Ways to reduce stress

After a survey that was released a while ago at my Pilates studio I was really surprised to find the results were very different to what I expected. The main reason people were attending my studios was to relieve stress or assist with depression or anxiety. Wow I had no idea. So I then started to research the best way to help my clients relieve some of this stress and also look at some of the reasons people were so stressed in today’s society. The top 3 Reasons that come…

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Self Recognition

I have been setting goals my entire life, planning and working towards goals that I wanted to hit or achieve, getting to the next stage in my career or personal life. Each New Year saying to myself this is what I wanted to do, whether it be going on a holiday somewhere new, becoming fitter, starting a new style of fitness class, to even less specific or important such as getting my hair done more regularly at the hairdresser to spending more time with my friends and or family. I…

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