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Summer is just around the corner!

The key to getting your beach body ready is to get started now, not later, not tomorrow. Align your diet and mentality with the exercises you will engage in. For more tips on these, you may check out previous blog posts.

The most phenomenal result you can get is when you give yourself six to nine weeks. This is a perfect time to begin with your transformation!

Here are Top 5 Pilates Classes offered at Pilates Fit Cockburn Central studio:

1. Pilates Matwork

This is a free flowing Pilates Matwork session for fitness, working your entire body. You will be given challenges and lower or higher alternatives to progress to the next level. This ensures that you do progress and get the results you’re looking for.

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2. Pilates Swiss Ball

This class is a fun way to work out everyone leaves these sessions smiling! Excellent way to improve your core strength and balance the results are amazing.

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3. Boxilates

The newest and coolest kid on the block! Using boxing pads and gloves, you’ll combine short boxing drills and cardio intervals with functional movement and exercise on the Pilates mat. Boxilates is an interval style of workout that marries the functional benefits of Pilates, (longer, leaner muscle with increased joint health.

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4. TRX Suspension Training

Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Beginners are welcome in this session we modify to provide easier options for all of our new starters and ensure you can do the class.

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5. Barre Fitness

This class will get your heart rate up, get a sweat on and work you out. Choreographed dance, Pilates, yoga and cardio, done to the beat of our latest funky music with our amazingly fun and energetic instructors.

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Get your summer body ready! Try any of this classes to see which workout is best for you. Take advantage of the offers this month.

Two For One Pilates Introductory Workshop

This workshop is offered every Tuesday, designed for beginners who wants to try out Pilates with a friend. Get this offers, Book Now.

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